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(Last day promotion-50%OFF )Emotion Changeable Ring
(Last day promotion-50%OFF )Emotion Changeable Ring
(Last day promotion-50%OFF )Emotion Changeable Ring
(Last day promotion-50%OFF )Emotion Changeable Ring
(Last day promotion-50%OFF )Emotion Changeable Ring

(Last day promotion-50%OFF )Emotion Changeable Ring

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Display your live mood with this Ring unique and original.

Wear it every day! This ring with timeless design will express your emotions. With its color spectrum ranging from black to blue to green, each color indicates an emotion. Angry, romantic, passionate, happy, stressed ... the pallet of emotions is complete and precise, tuned to your mood.

How it works?      

 Your mood is related to your body temperature. The normal body temperature of a person at rest is 37C.       

When you are stressed or angry, a change of temperature of your internal organs, which has the effect of also changing the temperature of the blood circulating under your skin. The ring then becomes stuck in response to this emotional change.       

When you are happy or passionate, the temperature of your body increases slightly. This change is detected by the ring, which immediately changes color.       

Body temperature and mood are related, this is how this ring will transmit your emotions in color.

A simple but ingenious scientific mechanism.

The surface of the ring is composed of liquid crystals thermotropic, ie the order of their components is determined or modified according to the temperature.

If the temperature is too high, the rise in energy and therefore the movement of. atoms will cause a change of state in their molecular structure.       

This will result in an alteration in the wavelengths of the light emitted and absorbed by the crystals (ie the colors).       

So when the temperature changes, the color of the ring changes as well.       

Watch it change color from one person to another:


How to choose the right size?
Nothing easier! With a ruler, measure the inside diameter of one of your rings and choose the size you need.

You hesitate? We advise you to take a larger size.

Still hesitating? If the size does not suit you, you can exchange the ring for FREE!


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